Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Love Japan!!

Well everyone..I think I'll stay here forever. Hahaha it's so fun
here. I love Japan so much. I love the people and the language so

This week was pretty normal, nothing to crazy or exciting. Last pday
for dinner we went and God sushi which was amazing. Love sushi, it's
so different than the junk from America. Also last pday we went and
checked out a referral from a Brazilian family in our ward and the
referral turned out super awesome. We got to know them and then set up
a next appointment for the next day. We went back and then I taught
the whole first lesson by myself in Portuguese and they loved it so
much and loved the Book of Mormon and it was amazing and the spirit
was there so strong and then I asked them if they would be baptized
and they said yes but that they needed some time and we were totally
okay with that. We will continue to teach them and help them to get
prepared for baptism.

On Wednesday I street contacted two Brazilians and they were super
interested and we will be meeting with them later this week. I am
super excited. Honestly, here I speak 50/50 with Japanese and
Portuguese. It's awesome. And this is one of the lesser Brazilian
populated areas in the mission. Can't imagine what the heavily
populated Brazilian areas are like.

We also found a 20 year old Japanese guy who we contacted on the
street and me and elder jenks both testified very strongly that there
is a God and he was interested and we set an appointment with him
tonight. We will go and teach him tonight and I am so excited! We
don't get to many lessons in Japanese so I am way excited.

That's about all that's happened this week. I love it in Komatsu. Me
and my companion get a long so well. He does all the cooking and I do
all the cleaning around the house. It's the best. We both love
missionary work, obedience, and the lord. Wouldn't want to be anywhere

I know this church is true and I know the Book of Mormon is true. I
know we have a God who is our Heavenly Father and I know he loves all
of us. I know Christ lives and is our savior and redeemer. I know we
can return to live with God and Jesus Christ again. I know that if we
have faith we can do anything through Christ. This is my testimony and
I go and preach it each and every day and it changes other people's
live and mine.

I love each and everyone of you.


Elder Myers

Look at this Beautiful Place!

Lovely home!

Biggest dump truck in Komatsu!

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