Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 28, 2016

Well this week was really good. This transfer is coming to an end and I'm really nervous to see where I am going next transfer. Guess I'll find out on Friday!! This week we had some pretty cool stuff happen. 

Monday, Elder Pennington and I started watching this show that's on gospel library and it's called "the Joseph Smith papers". It's way good and we watch an episode every night after planning. I've learned so much about Joseph Smith and about the history of the church. It's way cool! If you've got some time on your hands I'd suggest going and checking it out. 

Tuesday we had " the naked miracle"! So we haven't really found a new investigator in a while and we were a little discouraged so we decided to exercise some faith. Elder Pennington and I made the goal that by Tuesday night we could find a new investigator. Well we prayed really hard the whole day and nothing really came. However we were doing some housing at the very end of the night and we were coming to the last floor of the apartment building and we still hadn't found anyone. We had pretty much given up then I said literally out loud " come on we prayed all day and really had some faith, let us see something please". Well the next door we knocked on this lady came out and she actually talked to us. We started talking about religion and she said she really thinks God exists and that religion is good. We told her about our church and she even asked why we would recommend our church so of course we told her how awesome the church is. Well we set up a lesson with her without a single struggle. She was just golden. Well the only thing is that through this whole experience the woman was only wearing a sweatshirt that was zipped half way down...and that's it! No eyes were allowed to wander during that contact. just eye to eye the whole time! Haha! She is awesome though and we are meeting her tomorrow and we are way excited! 

On Wednesday we went with a less active and played some baseball and just got some really good time with him. It was super fun! He also said that I hit the baseball the farthest he has ever seen any missionary hit it. Hahaha! 

On Friday we taught our investigator, Shitamichi San. It went really well! This past week I was senior companion so that means I got to lead Shitamichi's lesson so that was way fun. It was kind of hard to lead the lesson and do most of the talking but it still went well. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and he took it very well. The only problem he had was he said " well I understand sin and repentance but you need to teach me the commandments so I can know what I need to repent for" haha! Well we reassured him that we would teach him the commandments very soon and he could then understand what breaking a commandment meant. He is an awesome guy and still progressing really well. 

Sunday was a good day! We had a long time less active come to church so that was super awesome. We also went and saw a member and shared a quick lesson and then me and Elder Pennington decided it would be a good idea to sing a hymn with the member. Well we sang and it was so good, you could definitely feel the spirit. I think from here on out singing in lessons is going to be a thing! Haha

Hope everyone has a great week!! Remember...GOD LOVES YOU!!!!! 神様はあなたを完全に愛しています!

Elder Moroni Myers 

February 21, 2016

Hello hello hello!! Hope everyone is doing great! I had a pretty great week myself. My week started off with an exchange with the zone leaders and I got to go to the big city. It was tons of fun and I learned a lot from the zone leader. I got to teach a lesson with the zone leader and it went way good and was a super good lesson. It was probably one of my favorite exchanges! Also this week it snowed again so that was fun. We had to walk every where again...ya! It cleared up by Thursday so it wasn't that bad and we were able to ride our bikes again. 

Thursday we had zone conference and it was way good. It was all day which was LONG, but I learned a lot and had a good time. 

Friday we had another lesson with our investigator! We taught him the plan of salvation and he took it all right in and just loved it. He is just too prepared! Sometimes I'm just like " why am I teaching this dude he is just to golden"! Hahaha! We had to move his baptismal date back a little because he is going to be gone but it's no big deal. We are meeting with him again this week and I'm excited. Our next lesson is 'the gospel of Jesus Christ',  My favorite! 

Also Friday we went and ate pizza just for fun! Pizza in Japan is so expensive it's crazy! A medium pizza is like 30 bucks and that's if you don't get it delivered. However we went on a good day and actually paid 20 bucks for a large so it was good. I miss pizza a ton and it was good to finally eat pizza again. Can't believe it had been 6 months since I had pizza. Wow! 

This week I really learned a lot about the importance of recognizing and following the spirit. The spirit is such a powerful thing but it often comes oh so silently that we can miss it. I've been trying really hard to learn how the spirit speaks to me and to always follow its promptings. I know as we strive to pay more attention to the spirit and heed it's promptings that the Lord will truly learn that he can trust us. As we follow and learn how the spirit works the Lord will be able to lead and direct us more. The spirit is important and we all need it! We must always be worthy to have the spirit and let it direct our paths. 

I hope everyone has just a dandy week! Love you all! 

Elder Myers

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Friday, February 19, 2016

February 14, 2016

This week was fabulous! So many great things are happening here in Komatsu and I love it. Elder Pennington and I have been trying our hardest to be exactly obedient and to work as hard as possible in order to see miracles. Well we are for sure seeing miracles! 

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Elder Pennington and I ended up finding a weight lifting gym in Komatsu and went to check it out. While taking a look around we met this way cool Brazilian guy named Alex. This guy is like 6 foot 4 inches and 260lbs of pure muscle. He is insane! We quickly became friends and he told us to come workout with him. He is a way cool guy and we are actually going to meet with him tomorrow! Way excited! 

On Wednesday we had some cool and crazy stuff happen. We went out with a member and visited a less active then went to a super cool festival. I have no clue what the festival is for, or about, but it was pretty cool. Well while we were at the festival with the brother he got a call from his wife who had gone to park the car. He hung up the phone and told us to follow him. He began to run and we had no idea what was going on and we ran for about 3 minutes then we saw the wife and what had happened. She was driving the car and ended up sliding because the road was wet and now the front third of her car was hanging off the road. Side note, in Japan, especially in country side, the roads drop off about 2 feet and then it's the gutter. So yes the front third of her car was hanging off the road. Well there was only one thing to do...lift the car back onto the road. So Elder Pennington and I rolled up our sleeves and got down in the gutter and gave it everything we had. To our surprise we actually got it all the way back on the road and everyone was super surprised and Pennington and I hopped out of the gutter and all I said was " well, if you have faith anything is possible, right?". We all got a good laugh! Definitely an experience to remember! 

Friday we met with our investigator, Shitamichi, and it went super well. We taught him the restoration and he was just loving it all. The spirit was so strong in the lesson and Elder Pennington and I were just testifying one right after the other. Everyone in the room was feeling the spirit so strong. We asked him several times throughout the lesson what he thought and he always answered with " of course I believe this, there is no way it's not true". He is literally so golden! In the end we challenged him to baptism and his answer was " of course! When!?" . He is getting baptized on March 6th! It was such a cool experience! He also came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. This man is prepared by God and that is a fact! This man has strengthened my testimony even more that God does prepare people and that miracles do happen. Komatsu has been one of the lowest baptizing areas in our mission in the last couple years but since coming here I have seen so many miracles and Komatsu is about to see its 5th baptism in just the last 5 months. It's so amazing! God is real and he does prepare people and put them in our path so that we can meet them and bring them to the fold of God. Everything happens in its own due time and when the Lord sees fit, I have learned that so much here. Missions are amazing and you really see the Lord's hand everyday. How marvelous is this calling!! 

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day filled with love and chocolate! 
Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Myers

our English class in Komatsu

Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 7, 2016

Well hello everyone! This week was a good one filled with exchanges, crazy people, and crazy weather. Also the work has picked up a little bit this week which is really good since we were struggling last week. 

Well first off, on Wednesday we had exchanges and I went to Fukui. I had a really good time over there. It's interesting because it's a bigger city so you have more people who speak English so I actually got to talk to some people in English. Well while in Fukui we taught a guy named Miyake and he was way cool. We taught him the plan of salvation and he seemed to really understand it. Well during the lesson I asked him " now that you have learned all this what would YOU say the purpose of this life is?" And he said that its to get to the "big sun kingdom" (hahaha). I responded by telling him that to get there we have to do lots of stuff but a really important one is baptism. Well he already actually knew a lot about baptism but we talked about baptism for a while and he said he is trying to quite smoking so he can get baptized. Well I looked at Elder Bradshaw (Fukui elder) and I was like "we need to give this guy a blessing so he can stop smoking" and he of course agreed. Well we explained what a blessing was and how it could help him and by the time we were done explaining he was literally begging for a blessing. Of course we gave him a blessing and we all definitely felt the spirit. It was a great lesson, great experience, and great opportunity to use the power of the priesthood. 

On Friday, we went a visited a less active named Funatsu. He is one interesting guy! He is actually a member of another church as well. He also pays a full tithe even though he hasn't been to church in a long time. He is such a funny person to visit just because he loves to talk and he will just go on and on and after about 5-6 minutes you just have no clue what he is talking about. So ya we had a good visit with him. Visiting with him makes my day!

On Saturday we found a new investigator...through phone finding! We decided to go through some former investigators and see how people are doing and see if anyone would be willing to meet with the missionaries again. Well we got to one name, Inoue, we both had never heard of him so we decided to give him a call. Well as soon as he found out it was the missionaries he was just like " oh hey! Let's meet!" And we set up an appointment and now he is our new investigator. It was way cool!!! 

So today was way crazy! We had a first lesson with an investigator and it went like incredibly well. We started off just getting to know him and his religious background. We then just started by talking about Heavenly Father then prayer. Well come to find out, he has read the Book of Mormon 3 times and knows it well. He also knows the whole story of the restoration in depth. This dude is just perfect! We are going to meet with him again this week and try and teach him the restoration more in depth. I say try because he already knows almost everything. It's blessings like this that you are so grateful for as a missionary! Finding and teaching people who you see are so prepared by the Lord is just amazing. 

Well to make it even better, after we ended the lesson with our investigator we started to email and not even 20 minutes later someone walked in the church. Well she turns out to be a former investigator and she was just in the neighborhood and thought she would stop by. We got to know her and she is way cool and met the missionaries about 5 years ago. Well she just straight up asked us "how can I be more happy? I have all these things in my life but I'm just not as happy as I should be". Well, that's a golden question so we went on and taught her all about prayer and scripture study and how the gospel is the only way to find true happiness. She then told us that we really did help and that she already felt happier. She expressed her gratitude and then said she wants to meet again and then just walked out. It was way crazy but super cool! Gotta love being a missionary! 

Well that's really all for this week! I love you all!! I hope everything is going great and that everyone is enjoying life! Have a great great week! 

Elder Myers

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Funatsu - our less active friend

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 31, 2016

Well this week was not super exciting. It's one of those weeks where it is pretty hard to write a weekly email. Haha! 

To start off, Tuesday I saved an old grandma! Me and Elder Pennington went to the store and bought some snow shovels. Well as we were walking home we kept joking about how it would be funny if we were able to use the shovels to help someone as we are walking home. Not even 5 minutes later we see a grandma who is seriously struggling. She had decided to walk in the street in order to avoid the snow on the sidewalk but once the road got too narrow she wanted to get back onto the sidewalk. Well there was a nice 3 foot mound of snow between the street and the sidewalk and the 80 year old lady could not step over it. I saw her then turned to Pennington and gave him my bag and ran over with my shovel and shoveled a nice little path for her to get back onto the sidewalk. It was nice to help someone out! So that day we learned that walking with snow shovels will always come in handy. 

Thursday after English class we were cleaning up and there was no one in the building but us,  Well we hear someone go into the bathroom. Me and Elder Pennington started to freak out cause no one should be in the church at that time. We decided we would just stay in the room we were in and wait for them to leave. Well we hear footsteps coming down the hall and we just looked at each other and were both about to freak out. This Japanese man comes around the corner panting and he has like crazy hair and weird clothes and stuff on, he just looked interesting. He comes right up to me and tells me he is sorry he couldn't make it and that right then is the only time he had and that he is so sorry so I told him it's no problem and then he just stood there looking at me. Haha. Me and Pennington looked at each other both thinking "uhh what do we do now?" Well after this internal panic we both just said "goodnight" and he was just like "okay bye" and left. It was way awkward and weird! Sometimes Japanese people are just super awkward and weird. Gotta love it! 

Also this week Pennington got a flat tire 3 nights in a row! We will just say not a lucky bike week for him. So this week we have spent many hours walking from very far places all the way back to our apartment. 

This week I've been reading this amazing book it's called "The Power of Everyday Missionaries". Can I just say that this is the most amazing book ever written! This book has so much power and every morning when I read it I get so pumped to do missionary work. Well me and Pennington decided that this month we are turning our ward into missionary machines. We have made a plan and we are going to get everyone to start reading this book and get everyone to start doing tons of missionary work. It's going to be awesome!! If YOU haven't read this book I would highly recommend it. It's a book that all members of the church should be required to read. 

I know that doing missionary work can bless our lives so much! I know the Lord always sees our efforts as we do our best to proclaim His gospel and I know He will always help us. I know it is our calling as member of His church to spread the gospel, we accepted that calling when we were baptized. If we make the effort to help spread the gospel the Lord will pour out so many blessings on us that we won't even know what's going on. You don't need to be a young man or woman with a name tag to be a missionary. You can call yourself to be a missionary today, so do it! 

Love you all and may all your dreams come true! 

Elder Myers

The beach near Komatsu