Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 28, 2016

Well this week was really good. This transfer is coming to an end and I'm really nervous to see where I am going next transfer. Guess I'll find out on Friday!! This week we had some pretty cool stuff happen. 

Monday, Elder Pennington and I started watching this show that's on gospel library and it's called "the Joseph Smith papers". It's way good and we watch an episode every night after planning. I've learned so much about Joseph Smith and about the history of the church. It's way cool! If you've got some time on your hands I'd suggest going and checking it out. 

Tuesday we had " the naked miracle"! So we haven't really found a new investigator in a while and we were a little discouraged so we decided to exercise some faith. Elder Pennington and I made the goal that by Tuesday night we could find a new investigator. Well we prayed really hard the whole day and nothing really came. However we were doing some housing at the very end of the night and we were coming to the last floor of the apartment building and we still hadn't found anyone. We had pretty much given up then I said literally out loud " come on we prayed all day and really had some faith, let us see something please". Well the next door we knocked on this lady came out and she actually talked to us. We started talking about religion and she said she really thinks God exists and that religion is good. We told her about our church and she even asked why we would recommend our church so of course we told her how awesome the church is. Well we set up a lesson with her without a single struggle. She was just golden. Well the only thing is that through this whole experience the woman was only wearing a sweatshirt that was zipped half way down...and that's it! No eyes were allowed to wander during that contact. just eye to eye the whole time! Haha! She is awesome though and we are meeting her tomorrow and we are way excited! 

On Wednesday we went with a less active and played some baseball and just got some really good time with him. It was super fun! He also said that I hit the baseball the farthest he has ever seen any missionary hit it. Hahaha! 

On Friday we taught our investigator, Shitamichi San. It went really well! This past week I was senior companion so that means I got to lead Shitamichi's lesson so that was way fun. It was kind of hard to lead the lesson and do most of the talking but it still went well. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and he took it very well. The only problem he had was he said " well I understand sin and repentance but you need to teach me the commandments so I can know what I need to repent for" haha! Well we reassured him that we would teach him the commandments very soon and he could then understand what breaking a commandment meant. He is an awesome guy and still progressing really well. 

Sunday was a good day! We had a long time less active come to church so that was super awesome. We also went and saw a member and shared a quick lesson and then me and Elder Pennington decided it would be a good idea to sing a hymn with the member. Well we sang and it was so good, you could definitely feel the spirit. I think from here on out singing in lessons is going to be a thing! Haha

Hope everyone has a great week!! Remember...GOD LOVES YOU!!!!! 神様はあなたを完全に愛しています!

Elder Moroni Myers 

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