Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 6, 2016

Well I'm TRANSFERRING!! I'm going to Nagano!! I'm going from the second coldest place in the mission to the first. Yay! However, that is where the Dias family moved to so I'll be with them again and I'm way excited for that. 

Sorry I don't have a ton of time to email cause I'm still trying to get stuff done for transfers but here's what happened this week. 

On Wednesday we had service and we got to dig a hole and it was way fun! I told the member that we always do service with that I worked digging holes before my mission and that I enjoy it. Well he thought it was really funny and then the next week had us dig a nice hole for him. It was pretty enjoyable. Haha! 

Then on Saturday we had transfer calls and so I spent a lot of Saturday going and seeing lots of members and less actives and saying bye which was extremely sad.

Sunday I said bye to everyone at church and it was so sad. I have made so many great friends here and truly love the people here sooo much. It's amazing how much love you develop for a people when you are devoting your whole self to serving them. I will truly miss this area and these people. 

On Sunday we also got to see the Brazilian less active family whom we haven't been able to contact all transfer. It was really good and they invited us to come over tonight for dinner since it's my last night. It's really funny because my first p-day here I went to their house and ate with them and now for my last one I'll be doing the same. Funny how things happen. 

This gospel is so true! I could never deny its truthfulness. I have seen this gospel change so many people's lives including my own. I know every single person can find joy, peace, and comfort in this gospel. This gospel is centered on the atonement of Jesus Christ for a reason and that is so he can succor his people and if we simply turn to him he will heal us and help rebuild and mold us. I know this to be true. 

I love you all and hope you all have a blessed week!

Elder Myers

A couple we do service with every week- they are great!

Two of my favorite guys, they make me laugh all the time

My Japanese grandma, she evens calls me her grandson

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