Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016

Well this week this email is coming to you from the sushi restaurant waiting room. Who would have guessed that you'd have to wait an hour just to eat a thin slice of fish on rice? Oh, Japan! 

Well this week was really good! The weather has been really nice. It's been warming up but there is still a chilly breeze so sadly I still have to wear a sweater. Since coming to Japan I have realized how much I love the sun. I miss the nice burning rays of the sun on my skin! 

So this Wednesday we had an apartment check so Monday and Tuesday me and elder Baldwin went hard core and made our apartment look brand new. When the senior missionaries came in all they said the whole time is " oh, wonderful". So now we are pretty much living in a brand new apartment... It's amazing! Missionary apartments are gross and I've been really lucky to be in not too bad of apartments. 

On Friday we had district training meeting and afterwards we wanted to go get something to eat. Well we invited the husband in the senior couple, elder Kamio, and asked where he wanted to eat and he said ramen because his wife never lets him eat ramen but because she isn't with us so she won't find out. He is so funny! Well we all went out and ate and had a good time. However while we were eating his wife called and asked where he was and he was forced to confess. Oops, we kinda got him in trouble. Hahaha! 

Finally on Saturday night we ended up playing some high school kids in basketball and they kicked our butts. We saw them playing and figured we would challenge them, beat them, and then talk to them about what we do for a bit. Well we challenged them and they were scared because elder Baldwin is 6 feet 4 inches tall but once we started playing we realized that they were faster than lightening. They ran circles around me and elder Baldwin, it was crazy! In the end we had a good time and they really liked us and we exchanged numbers and they want to see us again. 

This week also consisted of some hunting down of less actives and some good investigator lessons. The area is doing good and investigators are progressing well! However several of our investigators are going out of town for this week so that is kinda dumb but whatever. 

Love you all and hope you all have an awesome week!!! 

Elder Myers

Elder Baldwin and I with the "ballers"
Anime of Lehi's arrival in the promised land - artist unknown

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