Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, February 29, 2016

February 21, 2016

Hello hello hello!! Hope everyone is doing great! I had a pretty great week myself. My week started off with an exchange with the zone leaders and I got to go to the big city. It was tons of fun and I learned a lot from the zone leader. I got to teach a lesson with the zone leader and it went way good and was a super good lesson. It was probably one of my favorite exchanges! Also this week it snowed again so that was fun. We had to walk every where again...ya! It cleared up by Thursday so it wasn't that bad and we were able to ride our bikes again. 

Thursday we had zone conference and it was way good. It was all day which was LONG, but I learned a lot and had a good time. 

Friday we had another lesson with our investigator! We taught him the plan of salvation and he took it all right in and just loved it. He is just too prepared! Sometimes I'm just like " why am I teaching this dude he is just to golden"! Hahaha! We had to move his baptismal date back a little because he is going to be gone but it's no big deal. We are meeting with him again this week and I'm excited. Our next lesson is 'the gospel of Jesus Christ',  My favorite! 

Also Friday we went and ate pizza just for fun! Pizza in Japan is so expensive it's crazy! A medium pizza is like 30 bucks and that's if you don't get it delivered. However we went on a good day and actually paid 20 bucks for a large so it was good. I miss pizza a ton and it was good to finally eat pizza again. Can't believe it had been 6 months since I had pizza. Wow! 

This week I really learned a lot about the importance of recognizing and following the spirit. The spirit is such a powerful thing but it often comes oh so silently that we can miss it. I've been trying really hard to learn how the spirit speaks to me and to always follow its promptings. I know as we strive to pay more attention to the spirit and heed it's promptings that the Lord will truly learn that he can trust us. As we follow and learn how the spirit works the Lord will be able to lead and direct us more. The spirit is important and we all need it! We must always be worthy to have the spirit and let it direct our paths. 

I hope everyone has just a dandy week! Love you all! 

Elder Myers

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

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