Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Friday, February 19, 2016

February 14, 2016

This week was fabulous! So many great things are happening here in Komatsu and I love it. Elder Pennington and I have been trying our hardest to be exactly obedient and to work as hard as possible in order to see miracles. Well we are for sure seeing miracles! 

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Elder Pennington and I ended up finding a weight lifting gym in Komatsu and went to check it out. While taking a look around we met this way cool Brazilian guy named Alex. This guy is like 6 foot 4 inches and 260lbs of pure muscle. He is insane! We quickly became friends and he told us to come workout with him. He is a way cool guy and we are actually going to meet with him tomorrow! Way excited! 

On Wednesday we had some cool and crazy stuff happen. We went out with a member and visited a less active then went to a super cool festival. I have no clue what the festival is for, or about, but it was pretty cool. Well while we were at the festival with the brother he got a call from his wife who had gone to park the car. He hung up the phone and told us to follow him. He began to run and we had no idea what was going on and we ran for about 3 minutes then we saw the wife and what had happened. She was driving the car and ended up sliding because the road was wet and now the front third of her car was hanging off the road. Side note, in Japan, especially in country side, the roads drop off about 2 feet and then it's the gutter. So yes the front third of her car was hanging off the road. Well there was only one thing to do...lift the car back onto the road. So Elder Pennington and I rolled up our sleeves and got down in the gutter and gave it everything we had. To our surprise we actually got it all the way back on the road and everyone was super surprised and Pennington and I hopped out of the gutter and all I said was " well, if you have faith anything is possible, right?". We all got a good laugh! Definitely an experience to remember! 

Friday we met with our investigator, Shitamichi, and it went super well. We taught him the restoration and he was just loving it all. The spirit was so strong in the lesson and Elder Pennington and I were just testifying one right after the other. Everyone in the room was feeling the spirit so strong. We asked him several times throughout the lesson what he thought and he always answered with " of course I believe this, there is no way it's not true". He is literally so golden! In the end we challenged him to baptism and his answer was " of course! When!?" . He is getting baptized on March 6th! It was such a cool experience! He also came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. This man is prepared by God and that is a fact! This man has strengthened my testimony even more that God does prepare people and that miracles do happen. Komatsu has been one of the lowest baptizing areas in our mission in the last couple years but since coming here I have seen so many miracles and Komatsu is about to see its 5th baptism in just the last 5 months. It's so amazing! God is real and he does prepare people and put them in our path so that we can meet them and bring them to the fold of God. Everything happens in its own due time and when the Lord sees fit, I have learned that so much here. Missions are amazing and you really see the Lord's hand everyday. How marvelous is this calling!! 

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day filled with love and chocolate! 
Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Myers

our English class in Komatsu

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