Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 31, 2016

Well this week was not super exciting. It's one of those weeks where it is pretty hard to write a weekly email. Haha! 

To start off, Tuesday I saved an old grandma! Me and Elder Pennington went to the store and bought some snow shovels. Well as we were walking home we kept joking about how it would be funny if we were able to use the shovels to help someone as we are walking home. Not even 5 minutes later we see a grandma who is seriously struggling. She had decided to walk in the street in order to avoid the snow on the sidewalk but once the road got too narrow she wanted to get back onto the sidewalk. Well there was a nice 3 foot mound of snow between the street and the sidewalk and the 80 year old lady could not step over it. I saw her then turned to Pennington and gave him my bag and ran over with my shovel and shoveled a nice little path for her to get back onto the sidewalk. It was nice to help someone out! So that day we learned that walking with snow shovels will always come in handy. 

Thursday after English class we were cleaning up and there was no one in the building but us,  Well we hear someone go into the bathroom. Me and Elder Pennington started to freak out cause no one should be in the church at that time. We decided we would just stay in the room we were in and wait for them to leave. Well we hear footsteps coming down the hall and we just looked at each other and were both about to freak out. This Japanese man comes around the corner panting and he has like crazy hair and weird clothes and stuff on, he just looked interesting. He comes right up to me and tells me he is sorry he couldn't make it and that right then is the only time he had and that he is so sorry so I told him it's no problem and then he just stood there looking at me. Haha. Me and Pennington looked at each other both thinking "uhh what do we do now?" Well after this internal panic we both just said "goodnight" and he was just like "okay bye" and left. It was way awkward and weird! Sometimes Japanese people are just super awkward and weird. Gotta love it! 

Also this week Pennington got a flat tire 3 nights in a row! We will just say not a lucky bike week for him. So this week we have spent many hours walking from very far places all the way back to our apartment. 

This week I've been reading this amazing book it's called "The Power of Everyday Missionaries". Can I just say that this is the most amazing book ever written! This book has so much power and every morning when I read it I get so pumped to do missionary work. Well me and Pennington decided that this month we are turning our ward into missionary machines. We have made a plan and we are going to get everyone to start reading this book and get everyone to start doing tons of missionary work. It's going to be awesome!! If YOU haven't read this book I would highly recommend it. It's a book that all members of the church should be required to read. 

I know that doing missionary work can bless our lives so much! I know the Lord always sees our efforts as we do our best to proclaim His gospel and I know He will always help us. I know it is our calling as member of His church to spread the gospel, we accepted that calling when we were baptized. If we make the effort to help spread the gospel the Lord will pour out so many blessings on us that we won't even know what's going on. You don't need to be a young man or woman with a name tag to be a missionary. You can call yourself to be a missionary today, so do it! 

Love you all and may all your dreams come true! 

Elder Myers

The beach near Komatsu

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