Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 24, 2016

Well everyone it's officially snowed! It went from one day being nice and sunny to the next day being completely white. It's definitely been an interesting experience trying to live in snow especially coming from California. When I tell people here that I am from California they ask me if I am dying here...most of the time I respond, yes! Well this week we tried our hardest to do as much work as we could in the snow and that was a challenge. We have realized why missions in the States that snow a lot have cars. Komatsu being a very bike heavy area because everything is so spread out and people live far makes it hard to do lots when you can only walk. For example, Tuesday we really wanted to visit a certain less active who lives a pretty good distance by bike. Well we started off trying to bike in the snow and then quickly learned why missionaries DON'T do that. We decided to just chain our bikes to a pole and walk to rest of the way. Well it took us an hour to walk all the way there in the snow and when we got there she wasn't home. We then walked the hour all the way back. Fun stuff like that everyday now! 

This week was also transfer calls.... I'm staying in Komatsu with Elder Pennington! We are way excited to be here another transfer and are looking forward to seeing lots of miracles. 

Saturday we also had a pretty cool experience. We were riding home and we were passing near the train station when we saw this guy selling something from the back of his car. Well we realized it was tako yaki (fried octopus balls)! This guy just parked his little tiny Japanese car, opened the back, pulled out an oven, and started making tako yaki. Well it's not everyday that you see that so we couldn't resist and bought some. Well the guy turned out to be way cool and we had a good discussion while he cooked our food. You gotta love Japan and silly stuff like this. 

Sunday was maybe the saddest day of my mission. The Dias family is finally gone for good. Sunday they came to church and Alessandro got the priesthood and it was so cool. Then that night we visited and ate with them. It was very hard to say goodbye to them. I love them so much. Hopefully one day I can see them again. 

That's really it for the week. I love being here and serving the people here in Japan. The people here are great and I love them so much. I feel like I am starting to get a glimpse into the love Christ has for each of us and its so incredible. I have learned so much about patience, charity, and humility since coming on my mission. I know as we always strive to become more like Christ and follow his perfect example we can find more joy and peace in our lives. 

Love you all and hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Myers

Tako Yaki

The Dias Family

District and Zone Leaders

Snow in Komatsu

Do you want to build a snowman?

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