Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 17, 2016

I am currently inside a 7/11 because the wifi at our church is out so sorry if I didn't respond to some of your personal emails, but I promise I will next week. 

Well this week was full of ups and downs so that made for an interesting week. The week started off not so great and then by about Thursday and Friday it got a lot better. Things are going really well here in Komatsu and I love it.

So Wednesday we went to visit a sister in the hospital and me and my companion played guitar and sang for her. It was way fun and she loved it. We love making people smile so that was a big win! 

Thursday it finally snowed! Everyone has been freaking out here because by this time there is usually several feet of snow but so for there has been nothing. Well Thursday it snowed just enough to make a thin layer on the ground. Sadly right after it started hailing, then raining so all the snow went bye bye. That was a fun day to go out because the weather was just no fun at all. 

Friday we had a cool experience finding an investigator. Well in Japan right now the church is testing out new proselyting pamphlets. They are pamphlets made especially for people without a Christian background. They have really been pressing us to use them in as many phases of our missionary work as possible. Well me and my companion decided to take a step of faith and go against the normal housing technique and instead use the new pamphlets at the door. Well we got shut down several times but finally we knocked on this one door and this man answered. We asked him if he believed God existed and he replied " well of course he exists, right." . It was so cool. We were almost speechless! Well we whipped out our cool iPads with our pamphlets and taught him really quick about our beliefs about God and he thought it was awesome. Well we asked if we would come back and he said yes! He has a family of 4 and we will be teaching them on Tuesday. So exciting! 

Saturday we went and helped the Dias family load up their moving truck....sooo sad! They are moving to Nagano which is in a different area. They are coming back at the end of this week to hangout and then Sunday, Alessandro gets the priesthood, but after that they are staying in Nagano. It was way sad helping them pack. It's hard to watch someone you've grown so close to just get up and leave. Also as a going away present they gave me a fancy air fryer for making like French fries and stuff. Every time I would go over to teach them we would always have French fries so I guess that's how they wanted me to remember them. So from now on I'll be carrying a air fryer around my mission. Hahaha! 

Saturday we also met with the less active Brazilian family in our ward and they made us some Brazilian rice and beans and I ate until I almost threw up. I haven't had real Brazilian rice and beans since I left home so when they brought it out I went crazy. It was so good! I also love this family they are so awesome. 

Oh missions are so awesome and so life changing! I don't think anyone can ever put into words the kind of joy and happiness that a mission brings. I love seeing this gospel work in people's lives as well as in my own. I love always having the companionship of the Holy Ghost and the huge blessing that is. I love the Book of Mormon and the great power it has. I've come to have such a greater appreciation for the Book of Mormon since coming on my mission. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here in Japan and serving these people. This is truly my home now and I don't think I'll ever be able to leave! 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week! 気を付けて!

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