Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 3, 2016

Hello everyone!! Well this week was New Years so Japan was a party!! As missionaries we were actually asked not to go out for 3 days so that was interesting. We did a lot of studying and cleaning the apartment. It was fun. 

Well for this week this is what went down:

Monday we spent the evening with a less active Brazilian family. We have recently been visiting with them every Monday evening and pretty much doing family home evening, so that's been really fun. They said now that their work schedule had loosened up they want to start coming back to church so that's awesome. 

Thursday we had English class and only one person showed up and he is a good friend of the missionaries and is pretty much fluent in English. So we ended up writing a song in English and me and my companion played and sang it. It was super fun. When we finish it I will send a video. 

Friday was New Years so some members took us to some cool shrines and we had a really cool time. On New Years everyone goes to shrines so there were tons and tons of people. In Japan there are shrines on every street you go down, it's crazy. 

Finally on Sunday we had a normal Sunday and it was great. However, me and my companion were fasting to find a new investigator cause we haven't had very much success lately. Well as soon as we ended our fast with dinner we left the apartment. Well like the 5th person we talked to ended up becoming an investigator. It was literally the worst street contact I have ever done. My Japanese was sooo bad. I was stumbling over all my words. Somehow though this kid became an investigator. His name is Shimoguchi. And he even said he is going to bring his parents so we might actually be getting 3 investigators. Crazy! God is real! He promises us missionaries that if we have faith and open our mouths he will take care of the rest. Well, I have definitely seen that since I have been here. There are times when I think to myself "how did that person even understand me?" But somehow they did and actually have interest. We just have to have faith and God will take care of the rest. It's like that in any situation. Just have faith and take that step and God will provide. 

Lastly ... Dias family is getting baptized this week!! Their baptism interview is Wednesday and their baptism is Sunday. We are praying hard that all will work out! We are sooo excited!!! And so is everyone else here! 

Love you all and hope you have an amazing week!! 

Elder Myers

That is a big shrine

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