Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 27, 2015

This week was a very fun week. Elder Pennington and I have been having a lot of fun together and have had a lot of interesting and cool experiences this week. Missionary work always brings interesting stories. 

First off, Monday we went and visited a less active Brazilian family that we haven't been able to see since my first week here. We actually got them to answer the door! We had a nice visit with them and it was really cool. They lost their jobs here too, like all the other Brazilians here, however they are planning on staying here so that's awesome. They have lots of potential to come back so we are excited to be working with them.

Tuesday, Elder Pennington and I attempted to do some caroling. Emphasis on ATTEMPTED! Hahaha! Caroling is something that people don't do so it is kind of odd. We are foreigners so we can kinda get away with doing things that aren't necessarily socially acceptable. So we went to some members and less actives homes and sang and gave them some cookies. It was really fun. One lady told us that we should just sing in English...guess we weren't doing too well in Japanese. Haha! Another lady pulled up in her car as we were about to knock on her door...awkward. We had a fun night attempting though. 

Thursday I probably had the most interesting experience of my mission so far. We got a call from a 17 year old less active young man and he told us he had a Christmas present for us. We were so happy because we have been trying to meet with him forever and then he just called us up, we thought it was a Christmas miracle. Well we show up to this random train station where he tells us to meet him. We are looking around and don't see him anywhere. From all the way across the station we see a girl dressed in a Santa costume and she is waving at us. We start to walk in her direction because we figured the boy was over there in their group of friends. Well as we get closer the girl runs over to us. This girl is in a very immodest, barely clad Santa costume. She has huge high heals and stockings on. Well as she gets closer....it's the 17 year old less active boy!!!!!!! He just hands us our present and walks away like it was nothing. To this day I still have no idea why he was dressed like that, and I am forever scarred. 

Friday was Christmas so that was fun. As missionaries we don't do much cause it's still a normal day. However we went to a really nice restaurant for dinner so that was enjoyable. 

Sunday the Dias family came to church!!!!!!! Yay!! They are getting baptized on the 10th of January and we are so excited. Sunday evening we also went to their house and spent two hours eating and having a good time. We love spending time with them and teaching them. They are seriously my second family. 

This week was fun! Being a missionary is always full of fun times! I know I've said it before but there really isn't anywhere I'd rather be. Being out here serving people, preaching the gospel, and growing closer to the Savior makes me so happy. 

Hope everyone had a great week and Christmas! Love you all! 

Elder Myers

Spelunking (in our apartment)

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