Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 30, 2015

Hello everyone!! Well here it goes for this week! Well recently the weather has been terrible. This past week everyday was raining so that was very fun. Also on Thursday and Friday we had hail. It was crazy! It'll probably start snowing here soon. Yay! 

First off, Tuesday we met with the Dias family and that went super well. Patricia (the mother) has totally given up coffee and it doing super good with that. I gave her a blessing last week and she said that really helped. She actually shared with us a cool experience about the blessing I gave her. So we asked her if the blessing helped and she said yes and then she said that she remembered when I was blessing her just feeling all my spirit go into her. She then said that after the blessing when she looked into my eyes it looked like I had been drained of my spirit and she said she new it's cause I had given it all to her. She said it was because of all of my spirit that I gave to her that she has been able to stop coffee. It was such a cool experience to hear that and to have had her feel the spirit so strongly. I was truly touched by it and will never forget those words. The family is doing really well and we have their baptism scheduled for the 9th but their work is just so crazy we are still working things out. So we will see. 

Thursday I went to Fukui again for an exchange. It is always a fun time to go to another area and do some work. 

Friday night we had a big dinner with a bunch of ward members and the Dias family. We did it so the ward could get to know the Dias family and it was such a huge success. The dinner was huge and in the back of my head I just considered it my thanksgiving since they don't have that here and me and my companion didn't do anything. It was a fun night! 

Finally, yesterday I gave a talk in church which was super fun! My Japanese isn't very good but it was fun to get up in front of everyone and try and give a 10 minute talk. Everyone after said my Japanese was so good, they are probably just saying it to be nice though. Hahaha! It was a fun experience! Grateful I don't have to do it again though! Hahaha! 

 The sister missionaries in our ward have an investigator being baptized this Saturday and she picked me to baptize her!! I'm super excited for that! I never taught her but I talked to her at church and she is way nice and I am super honored to be able to baptize her. 

Well that's really it for this week. Fun stuff!! Missionary work is always fun but it's still work! Sometimes you are just beat up and want to stop but just keep going and that's when we see the biggest miracles. I know it's the same in life. Sometimes we just want to give up or we wonder why things are the way they are but I know it's just something God has placed in our path to help us grow and learn. I also know that after the trial come all the amazing blessings. All we have to do it endure the trial with faith and keep pressing forward with faith! I know that's true! I am so grateful for all who email me and read my emails and keep up with my mission. You're all the best! Have a wonderful holiday season and stay safe! Love you all! 

Elder Myers 

Elder Horio and I in Fukui

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