Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 7, 2016

Well hello everyone! This week was a good one filled with exchanges, crazy people, and crazy weather. Also the work has picked up a little bit this week which is really good since we were struggling last week. 

Well first off, on Wednesday we had exchanges and I went to Fukui. I had a really good time over there. It's interesting because it's a bigger city so you have more people who speak English so I actually got to talk to some people in English. Well while in Fukui we taught a guy named Miyake and he was way cool. We taught him the plan of salvation and he seemed to really understand it. Well during the lesson I asked him " now that you have learned all this what would YOU say the purpose of this life is?" And he said that its to get to the "big sun kingdom" (hahaha). I responded by telling him that to get there we have to do lots of stuff but a really important one is baptism. Well he already actually knew a lot about baptism but we talked about baptism for a while and he said he is trying to quite smoking so he can get baptized. Well I looked at Elder Bradshaw (Fukui elder) and I was like "we need to give this guy a blessing so he can stop smoking" and he of course agreed. Well we explained what a blessing was and how it could help him and by the time we were done explaining he was literally begging for a blessing. Of course we gave him a blessing and we all definitely felt the spirit. It was a great lesson, great experience, and great opportunity to use the power of the priesthood. 

On Friday, we went a visited a less active named Funatsu. He is one interesting guy! He is actually a member of another church as well. He also pays a full tithe even though he hasn't been to church in a long time. He is such a funny person to visit just because he loves to talk and he will just go on and on and after about 5-6 minutes you just have no clue what he is talking about. So ya we had a good visit with him. Visiting with him makes my day!

On Saturday we found a new investigator...through phone finding! We decided to go through some former investigators and see how people are doing and see if anyone would be willing to meet with the missionaries again. Well we got to one name, Inoue, we both had never heard of him so we decided to give him a call. Well as soon as he found out it was the missionaries he was just like " oh hey! Let's meet!" And we set up an appointment and now he is our new investigator. It was way cool!!! 

So today was way crazy! We had a first lesson with an investigator and it went like incredibly well. We started off just getting to know him and his religious background. We then just started by talking about Heavenly Father then prayer. Well come to find out, he has read the Book of Mormon 3 times and knows it well. He also knows the whole story of the restoration in depth. This dude is just perfect! We are going to meet with him again this week and try and teach him the restoration more in depth. I say try because he already knows almost everything. It's blessings like this that you are so grateful for as a missionary! Finding and teaching people who you see are so prepared by the Lord is just amazing. 

Well to make it even better, after we ended the lesson with our investigator we started to email and not even 20 minutes later someone walked in the church. Well she turns out to be a former investigator and she was just in the neighborhood and thought she would stop by. We got to know her and she is way cool and met the missionaries about 5 years ago. Well she just straight up asked us "how can I be more happy? I have all these things in my life but I'm just not as happy as I should be". Well, that's a golden question so we went on and taught her all about prayer and scripture study and how the gospel is the only way to find true happiness. She then told us that we really did help and that she already felt happier. She expressed her gratitude and then said she wants to meet again and then just walked out. It was way crazy but super cool! Gotta love being a missionary! 

Well that's really all for this week! I love you all!! I hope everything is going great and that everyone is enjoying life! Have a great great week! 

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