Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Friday, August 14, 2015

 Week 3 in the MTC!!!

This week, language wise has been very good. This week I memorized the first vision in Japanese, which is pretty cool cause if I say it fast, it sounds like I’m really fluent. I study really hard so that I can know as much as possible before I leave here. Also I’ve gotten a lot more into Portuguese this week. Before I would just talk to any elder I saw with a Portuguese name tag, and I still do that, but this week I got more serious in studying it so now I’ve been reading pmg in Portuguese everyday along with o Livro de Mormon (the Book of Mormon in portuguese) and one of my goals is to read o Livro de Mormon before I leave the MTC. So language is going good, still working on learning more characters, I almost have 2/3 of all characters down. Really loving both languages!

This week I have been doing a lot better at exercising, I do lots of push-ups and pull ups and bands every night so that has been really good. Also I have been able to actually go and lift a couple times this week because I convinced one of my roommates to start working out so me and him just go on splits in the morning and go lift and my comp and his comp go to the field. The food is still super nasty and getting really old. I still eat salad for every meal except breakfast I usually eat 4 hard-boiled eggs with some chocolate milk. 

So our whole district (at least the elders) are going through music withdrawals so this week has been super fun cause we have been attempting to make music. Sometimes its good and sometimes its not so good. We all try to make it into the showers at the same time cause that’s where the best acoustics are. We also have service twice a week and that’s where most of our music magic happens, we just bang on whatever is near and try and make a beat and me and this other elder just go for it and start singing. Its fun to sing and be funny it makes the days easier.

We have an elder in our district who is from Saint Louis, he is the one that sings with me a lot, and he hardly ever gets letters or packages and on Tuesday he was kind of down and then jokingly he said, " if I don’t get a letter tomorrow I’m going home" so I was like oh don’t worry ill pray for you tonight that you will get something tomorrow. So the next morning while everyone was eating breakfast I went back to the room with my comp and I wrote this elder a letter it was kind of a goofy letter but its okay. So then right before our district leader went to check the mail I went like 5 minutes before him and stuck the letter in the mailbox (being former district leader I new the combo). So then when he came back and was handing everyone their mail and he gave this elder my letter and he was so happy then he looked who it was from and all I wrote was Bob and that the address was somewhere in Antarctica so he was super confused so then he opened it and read it and then realized it was from me. It was super funny! Then luckily the next day he actually got a letter from family. 

The MTC is great I am learning and growing soo much. It’s the best!! 

Elder Myers

We play a lot of spike ball here!!

Japanese language is hard!!

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