Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week # 4 at the Missionary Training Center

Well I am still here at the MTC doing the same thing every day!! hahahahaha! Still loving it though. Well I got some stories from this past week so here we go.

   First, During my last preparation day (P-day), after I was done emailing my district. I went out to the field and we were just chillin in the shade talking, then we noticed on the other side of the field an elder had gotten hurt playing soccer and we recognized him as one of the elders from one of the other districts going to Japan. So one of the yard duty people came and helped him and we all thought he just rolled his ankle but later found out the next day that he tore his ACL and then went home a day after that. Sad story but really made me not want to ever play soccer here. The elders in my district play sometimes so I just go and run 1 or 2 miles around the field. Don’t want to be like that other elder and tear my ACL...again!

Also, this week I have seen sister Coreanne Kellogg several times and have talked to her which was nice. Also, yesterday was new missionary day and I got to see McKay McClelland, Austin McCauley, and Bria Lawrence. It was nice to see some familiar faces and I can’t wait till September when I get too see a whole bunch more!

This past Sunday was probably the best mtc devotional I have ever been to. I was holding back tears the whole time. So the mtc announced that the Nashville tribute band (lds country band) would be at our devotional and I thought they would just play one song or something, but when we got there I realized it was almost like a concert. The band just played these very spiritual Christ centered songs and in between they would talk.  It was just soo amazing and not a soul in that room was not touched by their music. It was the best!! I encourage all of you to go look them up. I don't really care for country music too much but their message was just soo good that I loved it!!

Another great experience this week was when my companion and I were teaching one of our investigators aka a teacher who pretends to be an investigator. So this was our 4th lesson with Aoyagi’s son and things were going great and then I started to testify about baptism and I felt the spirit so strong so I asked him if he would like to be baptized and he said YES, it was awesome. I continued to bear my testimony and promise him all the blessings that come from baptism and me and him were just crying, it was such a heart-warming experience. Even though my Japanese is terrible and he is already a member it was still such testimony builder to my companion and I. Love missionary work!!

Elder Myers

This is elder Bataglia we speak Portuguese a lot cause he is from Portugal. he is going to kobe japan and was called japanese speaking, guess he wasn't cool enough to be called portuguese speaking. love him though.

My MTC District

LOVE THIS RING!!! it says segi o erabu or choose righteousness. its soo cool!

Sometimes at the end of the day you are just wiped out!

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