Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Sunday, August 9, 2015

So this week was pretty good. It always the same thing here, class all day, studies in the evening, and then sleep. All the days seem to blend together. BUTTTT this week one of my roommates almost died hahahahaha. jk jk so he got this big pimple that started to swell up and it just kept getting bigger and bigger till it looked like another brain then because it was right between his eyes one morning he woke up and his eyes were swollen so we took him to urgent care and they gave him a huge shot and told him that if he waited any longer he could have gone partially blind cause the bacteria would have spread to his eye. He is fine now he just it taking lots of pills. My comp and I along with our roommates always have lots of fun goofing around when we have breaks or at night when we are just in the dorms. Also I made some more friends with some elders going to Brazil so I talk to them a lot and I also made friends with a teacher who teaches Portuguese so we talk and stuff and I love that. I’m doing my best to not forget my Portuguese but it’s hard when I am trying to learn and speak Japanese 24/7. Also the food here is getting old. I don’t know how I am going to survive 7 more weeks with this food. I have lost 10 pounds so far. I am down to 160 now. Everyone said I would gain weight but I’ve been eating healthy so I’m not putting on weight but at the same time it has been hard for me to work out really hard here so I am losing muscle mass slowly and just getting more defined. My comp and my roommates hate working out so during gym in the morning we always go to the field and do something. So to make up for it sometimes I work out in the half hour we have at night but most of the time I am too tired at the end of the day and just want to lay down and talk to my roomies and goof around. 

   Language wise, this week was really good and really bad. On Monday my teacher made me and my comp give an on the spot lesson about gods love and about prayer...it was bad! It really made me realize that I don't know ANYTHING and that I need to work a lot harder so I started studying a lot harder cause I never wanted to embarrass myself like that again. Then on Tuesday we had trc which is when you teach member volunteers and its supposed to be like teaching members on your mission and this was our first time doing this cause we are used to teaching investigators so we treat them like they know nothing about the gospel and now we have to teach members who actually know about the gospel so that made it harder to plan a lesson for some reason. But my comp and me get there and we get this nice old lady straight from japan and a return missionary from japan and then following them we taught another lesson to another return missionary. Both lessons went well. Later on that day my teacher hands me a note and its from the members we taught and they just told us that we did a great job and that our Japanese is really good for just two weeks here and then on one of the notes there was a note just for me and it said " Elder Myers; Thank you for your testimony. It really invited the spirit and we could tell you meant it.” Then our teacher explained to us that a lot of the people who volunteer are struggling in some way weather it be with work, school, or with their testimony and so I felt super grateful that my testimony could mean something to someone especially when it is in my terrible Japanese. Also our investigator lessons are getting better and we are better able to actually converse and come up with things to say on the spot rather then read and lesson off a paper. I am studying very hard so I can speak the best that I can and understand the language. 

Elder Myers 

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