Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016

Hello everyone!!! 

Sorry this week is going to be kinda short. We have a district activity today so we don't have a lot of time to email. We are going to go see a castle so next week expect pictures of that! 

So on Tuesday me and elder Baldwin decided to do something we had never done before...proselyte at the big Nagano station. There are so many people there it's crazy! I have never been to a place with so many people, it was interesting. However we had a really good time and had some really interesting talks and got rejected really hard some other times. It was a good new way to do some proselyting and we will for sure do it again sometime soon. 

Wednesday we had an apartment check...we passed with like 110%! The senior missionaries walked in and the elder just looked at the sister and was like " do we even need to check this?" It was super funny! So yeah we are known for our clean apartment. 

Friday we had district meeting which was really good and then we went out as a district and got shabu shabu. So shabu shabu is a type of restaurant where it's all you can eat meat. The meat comes in really thin strips and you have a bowl of super hot boiling water in front of you and you throw the meat in there and it cooks in like 2 minutes then you dip it in some sauce and enjoy. It way good and when missionaries go we go hard, especially cause it's all you can eat. So that was fun. 

Friday we also met with one of our investigators. He just got back from a trip to Utah and we ended up talking about temples because he went and saw the salt lake temple while he was in Utah. It went really well and he really enjoyed the concept of eternal families and what we do in the temple. 

Saturday and Sunday was conference!!! Yay!! So turns out our branch didn't get the English version this time so we just ended up watching it in Japanese. It was way fun and also a way cool experience. I understood about 60% of it so that was good. I still got a lot out of it but will for sure be watching it again in English so that I can get the fullness out of it. Also a lot of the talks get a little different of a meaning when they are translated into Japanese. It was all in all a great conference and I really enjoyed it. I felt so blessed the whole time to be able to have the opportunity to hear from our prophet and other leaders. 

Also yesterday we were able to take some pictures of the sakura trees. They are really pretty right now so it was perfect. We also went to Zenkoji temple this week which was way awesome. It's like the third most popular temple in Japan or something I think. It's way cool and also pretty close. 

This Saturday is transfer calls!!!! Ahh!!! This transfer went by way fast it unbelievable. Well Saturday I'll find out where and with who the next 6 weeks of my life will be spent. 

So that's it for the week! I hope everyone is doing well! Love and miss you all! 

Elder Myers

Zenkoji Temple

Zenkoji Temple

Zenkoji Temple

Beautiful Country

what a scene.....

Cherry Blossoms....wow

more blossoms

non-stop blossoms....awesome

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