Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 3, 2016

Hello 皆!

Hope everyone enjoyed conference this weekend! I heard it was awesome, but isn't it always! Haha! I get to watch it this coming weekend, Yes Japan is a week late! However I'm so excited! It's such a privilege we have to hear from a living prophet and apostles. I know they are directed by the spirit cause they always seem to say exactly what I need to hear every conference. I truly treasure general conference and hearing from the chosen servants of the Lord. 

Well we had a great week here and we were nice and busy so that always makes for a good week.

Tuesday we met with our 23 year old investigator, Miyashita, and had a good time together. We played ping pong and I went undefeated! Haha! We hung out with him for a while and then we had a good lesson. We shared with him the Easter video and he really liked it. He loves Jesus! Sadly he is starting his new job and he will be traveling around so we won't be able to really visit with him from now on. We are going to try and do Skype lessons or something with him. He is awesome and wants to keep investigating! 

On Wednesday we went out with a member and the senior missionaries and drove around and met a ton of less actives. It was way fun! We ended up getting lunch at this really expensive Sushi place which was great. It's always good to go out and do work with members. Always makes for a good time. 

Thursday we went and helped a recently returned missionary, who is going to go to college here, move into his apartment. It was fun but I felt bad for the guy cause we could tell he didn't want to be home. However after that we were heading to a lesson with an investigator and we were riding there with a member and we were stopping people on the street. It was way cool to do some street contacts with a member. We actually ended up getting a new investigator out of it so that was awesome. 

We had an exchange on Friday so that's always fun. I went to Ueda which is my district leaders area. However I was there with the district leaders companion, elder whited. He was actually In the mtc the same time as me so we are the same transfer. We had a good time and did some good work together. Then we swung by the Brazilian store there and I went crazy! In Nagano we don't have one so whenever I go to Ueda I always go to the Brazil store and go crazy. So yeah I ate some really good Brazilian food that day. We also went by the castle in Ueda and got a pic with some cool samurai that were there. Ueda is famous for its samurai. It was all in all a fun exchange. 

On a not so happy note, a recent convert here, Okada, is really really sick and has been in and out of the hospital recently. We had the opportunity on Sunday to go take him the sacrament and to give him a blessing. He is one awesome guy! We love him to death! He has so much faith and is just such a special soul. We are really hoping he gets better! 

Well I am doing great out here and it's finally starting to warm up which makes me super happy! Also this week the cherry blossoms should be in full bloom so expect some cool pics next week. Love you all! 

Elder Myers

a Japanese house, made of sticks and mud

eating some sushi.....so good

Sakura flowers

The Last Samurai

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