Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 27, 2016

Elder Baldwin and I had a fun week this week. Not a TON happened but we still really enjoyed it. This is kinda how it went...

On Tuesday we went out with the kamio couple (senior missionaries) and we tried to visit some less actives. It was really fun to work with them and watch them do their thing. We all four had a good time working together. 

On Wednesday I gave Elder Baldwin and myself hair cuts. It ended up pretty good. I didn't destroy either of our hairs so I think we are good. Then in the evening we visited with a recent convert and boy is she awesome. She has some of the strongest faith I've ever seen. It's amazing! We love visiting with her! 

On Friday we decided to go visit a member who lives on the top of a mountain ( like no joke). We went hard core and rode all the way up the mountain. We had to stop so many times because we thought our legs were going to fall off. Then coming down we were just zooming about 35 mph down the mountain. It was crazy! So yeah our legs are still recovering from the experience. 

On Saturday we went to visit the Dias family and when we got there they weren't home and so we gave them a nice ring on the phone. Well after talking to them for a couple minutes they tell me that they are moving back to Komatsu! I was so shocked!! They ended up getting their old job back and are moving back to Komatsu this week to start working there again. Kinda sad that they are leaving Nagano but it's okay. That was a big shocker this week and we are trying to work everything out so that they can make a good transition back to Komatsu. 

Lastly, everyone in Nagano forgot it was Easter this Sunday!!!! It was crazy!!! Not a single talk was given about Easter or anything. Elder Baldwin and I didn't even realize it was Easter till late Sunday night. It just felt like a regular Sunday, it was interesting. However although I didn't really celebrate eater this year I do KNOW that my savior lives. I KNOW that he suffered and died for me. I KNOW that on the third day he lived again and because he lives we can all live again. I KNOW because he lives we can all find joy in the knowledge that we can be with our families forever. I KNOW that because of the Savior I am never alone. I KNOW that my Savior loves me! 

I hope you all have a great week and may the Lord bless you all! 

Elder Myers

Elder Baldwin didn't know what to do with his hands

The Nagano Zone

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