Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 2, 2016

HELLO!! GUESS WHAT? ITS MAY! Crazy!!! Can't believe it's May already! Ohh how time flies! 

So this week...

Tuesday we played basketball with a potential investigator and a member. I had to just sit and watch but it was still lots of fun. I think I was a pretty good cheerleader. Haha! We don't get to do fun activities like that too often so it was really good. I think we are playing again next week so I'm excited for that.

This weeks big event was that we had mission tour. A member of the 70 came to our mission and we had the privilege of hearing from him. I was able to learn a lot and apply it to my missionary work and it's been awesome. Elder Choi from Korea came. I learned a ton but my favorite thing was he said " obedience is a sacrifice". He really helped me realize that being obedient isn't supposed to be easy. So me and Elder Masuko came home and we sat down and made a promise to be EXACTLY obedient! We went through the white handbook right then and wrote anything and everything that we could do better. It was great! I know that being exactly obedient can bless us so much and not just as missionaries but as members of the church. As we obey the commandments with exactness and with a willing heart the Lord will pour out the blessings upon us. 

Saturday we had a ward bbq which was super fun! It was cool to have a fun activity and it reminded me a lot of home. Japanese people don't do too many big Ward activities so this was really cool. We ate a ton of food and I ate till I got sick. It was not too good. My companion and I didn't feel too good after that activity. Haha! 

Also Saturday night me and Elder Masuko decided to do some housing by the train station so we parked our bikes at the train station and walked through the the neighborhood. Well after an hour of housing we go back to our bikes and.... My bike seat was stolen! Yes just the seat! I don't know why someone needed just a seat but I guess they did. So now I'm without a seat. Also because my bike is bigger than most Japanese bikes they don't sell seats that fit on my bike here so I had to order one and it won't get here for 2 weeks. So for two weeks I'll be stand up riding. Yay!! Haha! That's my funny story for the week! 

Next week is Skype family time again so I'm way excited for that!! Oh how time flies, just the other day I skyped them for Christmas. 

Well love you all!!!! Take care! 

Elder Myers

Ward BBQ

just finished B-Ball

weird faces

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