Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 15, 2016

Well hello everyone!! It's me again! 

So good news from this week is that I finally got a bike seat. My order finally came in and I was able to go pick it up on Tuesday. I can testify that riding a bike with a seat is 10 times better then riding it with no seat. This week has been so much better with a bike seat. I love it! 

Soooo this week!  We found out that the other apartment in this area is being closed down, so we got a message from the mission home asking us to clean it up in preparation for the moving day on Thursday. SO WE CLEANED. HARDCORE. But the thing is, we were cleaning it all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on Thursday the assistants and senior couples in the mission home came and we helped them move all the furniture out, so yeah, no time to work!!! 

Then on Friday we had district meeting and then in the evening had English class. English class was a blast. Saturday night we went to a Japanese class for foreigners that we help teach. It was probably the funniest thing ever. There are just a bunch of people from all around the world trying to learn Japanese. There were lots of Brazilians there so it was cool to help them out with some Japanese. 

Sunday I did all my normal translating for all the Spanish speakers. It was tons of fun! I love the Spanish speakers here! They are so nice and I feel like they just adopted me as their family. It's awesome! 

I'm loving it here. This week was rather slow and what not, but we are really working hard and planning on seeing lots of miracles this week. We are excited! Ohh how awesome is the Lord's work! I love it! 

Something I wanted to share that we talked about in our Sunday school class yesterday. We talked about Mosiah 7-10 and being a seer. We talked about how a seer can be anyone who receives revelation for the benefit of another person. As missionaries we are seers for our area, as parents we are seers for our family's, and as church leaders we are seers over our specific calling. I am so grateful for modern revelation and our knowledge of personal revelation. I know that personal revelation is real and that without personal revelation our church would not have been restored through the young boy Joseph Smith. We can all receive revelation from our Heavenly Father in order to be a tool in his hands and help our fellow man and children of God. 

I love you all!! Have a splendid week!

Elder Myers

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