Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 8, 2016

Hello everyone!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!! 

Well today is skype with family so i don't have lots of time so this will be kinda short. 

This week was absolutely insane!!! So last Monday, right as p-day ended at 6pm , I got a call from the mission president who told me I would be emergency transferring!!! He told me I would be going to Fujieda City and my new companion would be Elder Walker!! Yes the same Elder Walker that was my MTC companion! So I went home and packed like crazy and then the assistants to the president picked me up Tuesday morning. I then took the long 7 hour ride from Nagano to Fujieda. 

So I'm now serving in Fujieda! Fujieda is an area known for its many foreigners. There are lots of Brazilians, Bolivians, and Filipinos. This area is pretty much like a jungle and so it's kinda wild here. Being here is like living half in Japan and half in South America so it is way interesting. Also it's super awesome to be working with my MTC companion again and we are having a fantastic time together. 

So quick wrap up of my week here in Fujieda... We have met with our two investigators, one is a pretty new investigator but we got a really good lesson in about the Book of Mormon and he is reading it and doing well. Our second investigator is a Filipino lady who just showed up out of no where and told us she is ready to be baptized and took all the missionary lessons in the Philippines. We are meeting with her everyday leading up to her baptism and she is just the best. She has tons of faith and just understands the gospel. We also teach seminary here so we did that this week and that was awesome. Then on Sunday I translated all of church for some members from Peru and Bolivia. I'll be doing that every week from now on so guess my Spanish is going to get pretty good now too. Yay! 

So pretty crazy week but still an awesome week in the life of a missionary! Love you all and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! 

Elder Myers

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