Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 1, 2015

Well this week was a fun one. We had lots of fun experiences and lots of good learning experiences. So first, me and elder Jenks are staying another transfer. Yay!! Can't believe my first transfer is over, it doesn't seem real. It goes super fast. Wow! 

So this past week, at the end of last p-day me and elder Jenks were riding around visiting some less actives and we stop at the corner of a pretty busy street in the city. We look across the street and see a man. He walks all the way to the corner then we watch him undo his pants then he just peed right in the gutter. It was soooo crazy. I guess that's not even a problem here. Me and my companion were dying laughing. Then he just walked away like it was perfectly normal. Hahahaha interesting experience. 

Tuesday I had exchanges and I went to Fukui again but this time I was with elder Horio. He is our district leader. He is Japanese and probably one of the funniest people ever. We had a way good time together and we only spoke Japanese that whole day so that was fun. On Thursday I went all the way to Nagoya for bean training (new missionary training). It was cool to see all the missionaries that I came to Japan with and to talk about our experiences. I also learned a lot at the training. 

Yesterday, Sunday, the funniest thing happened. So here in Japan they think English is really cool. Therefore there are lots of little things here that have English on them, Sometimes clothes. However, 99% of the time the English makes no sense and it is super funny. I have seen some of the funniest t-shirts here and it's so funny cause they have no clue what it says. So yesterday a sister gets up to bear her testimony and her shirt just says "pissed pissed" in big letters. Me and my companion were trying to hard not to laugh in the meeting. It was so so funny. The best is she has no idea what it means. 

This week our Brazilian investigator family has made some great progress. Last Monday night we taught the plan of salvation and they loved it and we have them praying and reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Things are going great. The daughter has also officially joined and started listening to the lessons. Then yesterday they all came to church and after we had a lesson with them and taught the law of chastity and word of wisdom and they excepted it so well and are willing to make changes to their lives. We also got the daughter to set the same baptismal date as her parents so they can all get baptized on the same day. It is so great to see the progress they are making and the changes they are making in order to get baptized. It touches my heart to much to see this gospel and the lords spirit touching and changing the lives of people. It is truly amazing! 

This week was full of fun stuff, interesting experiences, and spirit filled lessons. I know that I was called to Japan for a reason, I love it here and I love the people. I know the gospel is true and I love seeing it change my life and the lives of others. The Book of Mormon is true and it has such great power and truth. 

I love you all and hope all is well. I'm loving it here and it will be way hard to leave one day. Everyone have a great week!! 


Elder Myers

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