Elder Myers

Elder Myers

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hello everyone!! Week one of transfer 2 done!!! This week was pretty normal, nothing too crazy. All missionaries want crazy, fun, and awesome stories but sadly some weeks are just kinda normal. There is never a bad week as a missionary though! 

Well last Monday we had a FHE lesson with a less active Brazilian family. It went super well and they loved it. They have a 8 year old daughter who wants to get baptized so we taught about baptism and I did a cool little object lesson and she loved it. We have become close with this family and really want them to come to church but it's hard for them. They are super busy with work and have some other hard things in their lives right now. That was a fun night from this week though. 

On Tuesday we met with our progressing investigator Brazilian family. That's always super fun. I love them! They are so willing to accept the lessons and to follow the commandments. We taught them keeping the Sabbath day holy and they said they would come to church every Sunday they aren't working even if it's really hard. They are so awesome! We have a lesson with them tomorrow and they are gonna make us Brazilian food. I'm so excited!! 

Wednesday was probably my favorite day of the week. We went and did a service project with a member of the ward. Afterward we went and had a nice lunch, then they took us to a super cool tourist spot. We didn't even know they were taking use there! We showed up and they were just like ohh we are here lets go check it out. It was sooooo cool! It is one of the most prettiest places I've ever seen. It also helps that it's fall and Japan is so pretty in the fall. Ahh love the nature here in Japan! 

Saturday we went and housed the biggest apartment building we could find in our city. It's kinda funny because the biggest apartment we could find was actually not in the city but more towards the coast. Well we had fun knocking doors for about on hour. You always walk away after doing housing with an interesting story, I love it. This time we knocked on a door but no one came so we knocked again still no answer. Well we start to walk around the corner when we hear the door open. We turn around and start walking back around the corner and as soon as this old lady saw us she ran back into her apartment and locked the door. It's funny cause she was about 3 steps out the door so it wasn't the usual shut the door on us, she actually had to run back into the house. We laughed for a while after that one. 

Yesterday at church was fun! There is a member that goes to a college nearby and he showed up to church today. He is from Utah and is just a normal white guy! It's so weird to speak English to someone other than my companion. He is cool and said he will try to come more often. Also I've been trying to talk a lot more with the members and today a lot of them said my Japanese is getting a lot better so that's awesome! 

Well Japan is awesome!!! It's starting to get a little cold and rainy but that's okay. I love going out everyday and talking to people and preaching the gospel. I love that each and everyday I get the chance to bear my testimony, cause I know this church is true and I want everyone to know it too. This gospel is so simple yet so true! 

Thank you all! I love you all and hope all is well with everyone! Take care! Till next week! 

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